My name is Penelope (Hansell) Shumaker

My name is Penelope (Hansell) Shumaker

I graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy. I am a writer, a mother, a wife and a teacher. I currently work at a small baby store.
I protest the removal of the philosophy major, personally but because without the classes of Dr. Mills, and Dr. Graves, my faith would not be what it is today; and I protest for the sake of the University, because without this major, the University chooses not to engage with the philosophies of the world.

The Philosophy major shows that Cedarville is willing to teach students how to reason, and explore ideas. If Christians are afraid to ask questions about their beliefs, then they must fear that their beliefs cannot withstand those questions. The philosophy major teaches students how to discuss these questions, and not to fear the outcome. God is a God of reason, and is not afraid of questions. But, if this major is removed, than students will learn to think elsewhere, perhaps without godly leaders to guide them.

I also, protest the removal of the philosophy program, because with it, Cedarville will the christian examples of Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves. Both Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves not only discuss the complex issues of philosophy, but seek to follow the examples of Jesus and live out the gospel. A Christian University needs people whose actions align with their beliefs. Christianity is far more than a list of doctrines, it is a faith lived in action. Cedarville should keep the philosophy major, so that students are able to wrestle with the difficult questions of life, and use their conclusions to live out their faith.

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