My name is Bethany Colas

My name is Bethany Colas

I graduated from Cedarville in 2008 with a
B.A. in English and minors in Publishing and Editing, Creative Writing, and Bible. I’m married to a fellow English major Brandon Colas (’06), and I’m currently a stay-at-home mom for Hannah, our 21-month-old little girl whose favorite pastime as of late is bargaining with her parents (“Clean up and then color, okay?”). We’re also expecting baby #2 to arrive any day now.

While I didn’t personally take any classes from the philosophy department, I’ve experienced the benefits of them in our marriage and family life, and God has used Brandon’s education in the Honors Program and our time in the English department to equip us as parents in ways I wouldn’t have expected. In my limited experience as a
parent, I’ve begun to see the world through different eyes–all of the sin and pain and conflicting philosophies–and quite frankly, it makes me want to pack up our family and run for the hills, at least metaphorically. But choosing to live an insulated life would also mean living in disobedience to God, because he has given us the profound responsibility of being salt and light in this world and to teach the next generation how to be salt and light as well. It’s much easier to withdraw from the world and to think we’re protecting our kids by doing so rather than showing them how to think carefully and engage the world around them in a meaningful way with the truth of the gospel.

This is why the Honors Program and other classes from the philosophy department, and the English department, are so important in the Christ-centered, Christ-professing university. Brandon and I know from personal experience that they teach us how to think critically about the values and philosophies in the world around us, how to search out
the truth, and how to respond thoughtfully, graciously, and
biblically. Professors like Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves help students practice these skills so that they’ll be equipped to use them in very practical ways every day–to reach out to the Muslim couple next door or to have a meaningful conversation with a family member who believes
a mishmash of religions and philosophies.

The philosophy department, professors, and classes provide an important opportunity for students to learn how to be salt and light in their families and churches, in academia and the workplace, and in the rest of the world. I hope that in light of the significance of the Philosophy Department for Cedarville and its students, the board will vote against the proposal to dissolve the department and its major.

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