Our names are Tim and Linda Sizemore

Our names are Tim and Linda Sizemore

We are parents of two Cedarville alumni who participated in the honors program. This challenging program influenced our elder son to pursue a minor in philosophy and our younger son to earn a minor in bioethics. We treasured the many hours spent with them discussing what they were learning in their philosophy classes and looked forward to reading their papers. We often joked that we were getting four educations for the price of two.

Our sons grew mentally and spiritually during their time at Cedarville under the influence of Drs. David Mills and Shawn Graves.
As parents we see Cedarville as a great Christian university.

We find it mind boggling that a University which has grown and improved its academic offerings so consistently over the years would consider eliminating a program that in many ways epitomizes the essence of liberal arts education. Cedarville recently found the resources and motivation to move Cedarville athletics into NCAA Div II membership. Will lack of resources now be the sole reason for eliminating the philosophy program? We hope not as we feel Cedarville University would be taking a step backwards in its pursuit of academic excellence. We ask you as members of the Board of Trustees to vote no on the proposal to eliminate the philosophy degree and the philosophy program at CU.

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