My name is Jodi (Muehling) Stratton

My name is Jodi (Muehling) Stratton

My husband and I are Cedarville Alumni, graduating in 1997 and 1998 respectively. We have settled in the area, as we desired to retain the community of friends that we made while at Cedarville University. My husband earned his MBA through the Executive Program at Ohio State University and he is now a Program Manager for Space Computer Corporation. I am a homeschooling mom of four children. We are 14 year members of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Xenia. We love the Lord and I spend my days with my children, in large part studying the Bible, the Catechism, Hymns and memorizing Scripture together. We are part of Classical Conversations, which is a Classical Christian homeschooling group. My intention is to train our children to know our great God and to learn how to think critically so that they can be an effective testimony for Christ in the world. I also hold a monthly book group for ladies in my home devoted to books of spiritual significance so that together we may grow in the grace and knowledge of God.

Jeff and I are very thankful for the time we had at Cedarville and have been excited to see Cedarville moving forward in several areas such as the arts, which were lacking when we were students. Recently, we were thrilled to hear that the Bible professors at Cedarville had proposed a Theology major for the University. We were very disheartened to hear that the Trustees (as we understand it) rejected the Theology major, and we have become increasingly disheartened after similar events that followed including, but not limited to the dismissal of Dr. Pahl, the refusal to grant tenure to theologians in the Bible department, and now to the potential dissolution of the Philosophy department. I can not tell you how many conversations my husband and I have had concerning these matters. I have pleaded with God that those who are making these very disappointing decisions would be able to see the amazing, godly people that they are letting go and the impact they are making for Christ in the lives of students. I can say without a doubt that some of the professors who will not be granted tenure because they are theologians (students of God) love the Lord and His Word and the students who are within their care. They desire to shepherd their students to Christ not only in class but also by inviting them into their own home and lives. As my husband was part of the Making of the Modern Mind program while a student at Cedarville, I can also say that Dr. Mills had a direct impact on his life and his love for the things of God.

God is not threatened by our study of thought and of Him. God is enlarged as we study and grow in our critical understanding of Him. The Christian band, Gungor, who we enjoyed hearing play at Cedarville just days ago, wrote the song “Cannot Keep You” about our attempts to contain God. But He can not be contained. Who is like the Lord? The Maker of the heavens. May He heal us all of our blindness, so that can more clearly see His glory.

This is my plea to let the study of God and of thought flourish at Cedarville to the praise and glory of God. I ask that those who are making decisions to dismiss professors, deny them tenure, or deny their proposals to study God, would meet with these professors, hear their testimonies and see their heart for God and for students to know Him better.

I appreciate your time. All of those involved are in my prayers. May He be glorified through this time which is so difficult and trying for so many involved.

Your sister in Christ,

Jodi (Muehling) Stratton

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