My name is Dave Baggett

My name is Dave Baggett

I’m Dave Baggett, philosophy professor at Liberty University. I’m heartsick over the potential loss of the philosophy department at Cedarville. As a philosophy prof at a fellow evangelical university, I am horribly concerned over the message this sends. It is the completely wrong message. This is a time for evangelical Christian institutions of higher learning to be more committed than ever to reverse the popular picture of evangelicals an anti-intellectual. Removing a philosophy department will only reinforce the worst stereotypes of Christians as uninterested in the life of the mind. Cedarville prides itself on promoting a Christian worldview, but nearly every fundamental question a worldview answers—What is real? How is knowledge possible? What is right and wrong?—is philosophical in nature. C. S. Lewis once said we need good philosophy if only to answer all the bad philosophy out there. I sincerely hope and pray that Cedarville not do this. It would be devastating. I would implore Cedarville not to do this.

3 thoughts on “My name is Dave Baggett

  1. Cedarville will still be offering philosophy classes as a minor. This is exactly the same as Liberty which does not have a philosophy major either.

  2. Dear Zach,

    We understand that Cedarville will still be offering lower-division philosophy courses, such as Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, and Logic. However, the course selection for those desiring to study philosophy will be profoundly limited, not to mention the attenuated philosophical community and the removal of a crucial philosophical resource for students (i.e. one of the two professors). This is unacceptable.

    Also, unless Liberty’s website is out of date, they do offer a philosophy major in addition to a philosophy minor (perhaps Dr. Baggett can definitively address this question):

    • Yes, we offer a major in philosophy and upper level courses in it at Liberty. The philosophy dept was moved to the College of Arts and Sciences to make the major possible. We are also beginning a Master’s degree in it as well. The concern was that Cedarville was moving in the opposite direction entirely.

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