My name is Rebekah Hereth

My name is Rebekah Hereth

Philosophy creates a space for questioning and truth-seeking. Christian Philosophy helps me think through my doubts of faith and about the Bible. It’s a space to struggle with evil, pain, and suffering. Philosophy has transformed my thinking and understanding of myself and others, revealing my close-mindedness and opening me up to be wrong and vulnerable, yet strengthening my resolve to seek truth. Philosophy taught me how to see through polite, meaningless words, and into the hearts and minds of those around me. I owe my marriage to the philosophy department at Cedarville University. My husband and I struggled with many doubts about Christianity and faith, and it was through the space that philosophy created to ask difficult questions and to explore truth that taught us how to come to agreement, how to engage in areas of disagreement, and when issues should not divide us. Dr. Graves uses philosophical arguments, fostering the skills necessary to think critically about Christianity, helping students develop substantive answers to complicated questions. My personal journey includes many philosophical issues, and I attended Cedarville University in hopes of gaining more knowledge in an environment that encourages faith but also develops sharp critical thinking. It is those critical thinking skills which have propelled me into graduate school. I love Cedarville and I am grateful for all that I have learned there. But the dissolution of the philosophy department is not what I learned from them. That action is not truth-seeking, is not seeking to live in harmony with brothers and sisters in the faith, and does not build up a community of those seeking the Kingdom of God.

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