My Name Is David W. Swick III

My Name Is David W. Swick III

I am a candidate for my Juris Doctorate at Capital University’s Law School in Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from Cedarville in the Spring of 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy as well as minors in Bible and Criminal Justice. During my time at Cedarville, Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves were the most important faculty there. And not only because they were the only two philosophy professors. While at Cedarville, I experienced a crisis of faith, as many have. No one was capable of answering my questions. The answers from everywhere else were just the importance of belief and some even claimed that we just don’t ask those questions. One person even gave me a clear contradiction and believed that it was right, despite me pointing out the contradiction. Only Mills and Graves were able to help me. Not by giving me the answers that I sought, though that happened on several occasions, but by helping me to learn how to find answers my self. No courses challenged me to the degree that the philosophy courses did. Almost all of the other courses simply required the regurgitation of the facts that we were taught. Even the Bible Apologetics class required mostly learning outdated arguments and the counters to arguments the world barely uses. The Bible classes were only marginally helpful in preparing me for the world after graduation. But philosophy was able to do what no other class had bother to do: show me how to think. We all are just taught facts from the earliest of ages. But no one ever teaches us how to learn or think critically. Some have it naturally. Many don’t. But this program is important for fostering critical thinking in everyone. Without the philosophy program, I wouldn’t be in law school on a presidential scholarship. Without Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves, I may very well have lost my faith. I strongly oppose the termination of the philosophy program at Cedarville University.

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