My name is KC Pugh

My name is KC Pugh

I am currently a freshman psychology major at Cedarville University. I desire to attend graduate school and become a licensed counselor. I am in the Honors Program and have strong academic standings in terms of GPA and scholarships I have received. However, I strive to be known not for my intellect or my accomplishments, but by the love and compassion I have for others that I can only attribute to Christ. There are so many reasons why Cedarville should keep the philosophy program, such as retaining a reputation as a true liberal arts college. More significantly to me though is that philosophy has taught me so many important lessons about Christian faith and living. Paul tells us in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The philosophy course in the Honors program has taught me how to really evaluate the life I live; something so crucial in following Christ. Learning about the world I live in and how God has designed us helps me to love others more passionately and genuinely. As a university that defines itself by Christ, and Christ alone, cutting a program that so profoundly influences Christian thought should not even be considered.
I think Cedarville University’s philosophy program and its professors are outstanding and have been extremely valuable in my own spiritual, as well as academic, growth. It would be a very disheartening thing to me and many others to see this program go.

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