My name is Katie Foster

My name is Katie Foster

I majored in Political Science, class of 2011, and was involved with Women of Vision and the Advancement Department (shout out to the Cedarville Fund; get ready for the designated gifts to Philosophy). Now I work for the Community Alliance for the Homeless in Memphis, TN.
I strongly encourage the Board to reject the recommendation to remove the Philosophy department at Cedarville. Because of courses offered in the Philosophy program I was forced to truly think for myself. This component of education is the most valuable, and the loss of the philosophy program at Cedarville would be severely detrimental to the university’s ability to properly educate students. Instead of merely teaching what the Bible says at Cedarville, you are taught to analyze it. In the same way instead of being told what to think at Cedarville, the philosophy program teaches you how to think.
This is the most healthy skill taught to young Christians and without it all you have is unthinking students who are about to be sent out into the world, grounded in nothing.

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