My name is Chad McIntosh

My name is Chad McIntosh

I believe that the anti-intellectualism of contemporary Evangelical Christianity is due in no small part to the absence of a strong philosophy presence in our universities, seminaries, and churches. This is well documented by Christian scholars like Mark Noll (The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind), J. P. Moreland (Love Your God with All Your Mind), George Marsden (The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship), William Lane Craig and Paul Gould, eds. (The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar), and others.

A common element to nearly all the great minds that have shaped Christian thought throughout the centuries, to which we all are indebted, is philosophical acumen. Our best theologians have always been our best and brightest philosophers. This is why, no doubt, a heavy dose of philosophy used to be a prerequisite to studying theology. Oh, times have changed!

Removing the philosophy department cuts Cedarville off from this great tradition, depriving its students from a discipline essential to their spiritual maturation and growth. Indeed, removing the philosophy department will mark the decisive moment at which Cedarville joins hands with the shallow spirit of the age.

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