My name is Bayer Watson

My name is Bayer Watson

I am currently a junior Philosophy major at Cedarville.

I believe that a philosophy program is extremely important for a university like Cedarville, since it aims to prepare graduates that glorify God, think broadly and deeply, communicate effectively, develop academically and professionally, and engage for Christ ( Philosophy trains students to be willing to engage in careful and sustained thought about a wide range of topics and issues. This involves perseverance in reflecting on questions of faith and a life well lived. Hidden assumptions are brought to light and examined. Attention is given to multiple perspectives and both sides of an argument are heard. Of course, philosophy is also known to teach students to write well and communicate clearly. Not only is all of this valuable in itself, but it also helps prepare students to succeed in a variety of academic and professional settings. More importantly, the type of good, hard thinking that philosophy promotes is crucial for understanding what it is we believe and why we believe it. It enables us to better glorify God with our minds and engage the world thoughtfully for Christ. Thus, the philosophy major effectively and specifically contributes to Cedarville’s mission.

My own experience with Cedarville’s philosophy program and its professors has been outstanding. I cannot imagine studying any other subject. My classes are both enjoyable and challenging. And they have not been mere academic exercises. I am constantly challenged to examine my own life and my Christian faith in light of what I am learning—and I believe that both have been enriched greatly because of it.

As I think over my time at Cedarville up to this point I realized how fortunate I am to have such wonderful professors teaching me at this university. Dr. Graves and Dr. Mills are both incredible examples—through their words and their actions, in and out of class—of men that are committed to both the Christian faith and careful, consistent thinking. They continue to show me that the two are not incompatible. Their example, their love, and their faith bring me hope and have been a great encouragement to me. They inspire me to persevere in my faith.

I believe that the Philosophy program is exceptionally valuable in light of Cedarville’s mission and I hope that future students might have the opportunity to benefit from the program and its professors as I have. Therefore, I protest the removal of the Philosophy program and its professors.

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