My name is Olivia Floren

My name is Olivia Floren

I studied Philosophy for three years at Cedarville University. During that time, I participated in the honors program, and served two years as an officer in Tau Delta Kappa and one year as an RA. I was also a CU Ambassador and a CU Scholar. I oppose vehemently the removal of the Philosophy program at Cedarville, and voice strongly my support for the professors leading it.

My three years studying Philosophy at Cedarville were absolutely critical for the refining and strengthening of my faith. Drs. Mills and Graves demonstrated the purest forms of Christlike patience, humility, and submission to the Lord that I have witnessed. The classes they taught not only equipped me to understand better the world around me, but also brought to my attention my shortcomings, the ways that my pride and intellectual arrogance could undermine any sort of gospel message I might try to deliver to others.

The Philosophy department, then, served not only to provide me with academic credentials and skills to engage analytically the ideas around me, but also opened my eyes to my own transgressions. But I wasn’t left with a hopeless sense of depravity – I had role models willing to guide me to understand how Christ could transform my spirit.

I am saddened to hear that there is a recommendation which would prevent those future students with philosopher’s hearts from receiving the teaching and guidance I did. I believe sincerely that a Christian student wishing to study Philosophy will not find a superior undergraduate program, both in terms of academic rigor, and assuredly in terms of establishing the redemptive, humble, God-honoring outlook taught by our Cedarville professors.

True, it is a small major – but the number of students graduating with a Philosophy degree sure didn’t match up with the number of students in each Philosophy class, or those interested in involvement in the Philosophy organisation, Alpha Sigma. And in terms of contribution to the well-being of their students, Drs. Mills and Graves are unparalleled. Never have I met a pair of professors so deeply aware and caring of their students’ well-being as these two. Their guidance and the classes they teach are responsible for the betterment of countless students, and the thought that Cedarville would deem it morally appropriate to deny future students from such a blessing is truly distressing.

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