My name is Lemuel Yutzy

My name is Lemuel Yutzy

I am a licensed and practicing Psychotherapist in Norristown, PA while simultaneously a PhD student of Social Work and Social Research at Bryn Mawr College. I graduated from Cedarville in 2009 and strongly oppose the dissolution of the Philosophy department.
Throughout my time at Cedarville I found an academic home among Philosophy majors and/or honor students. I assure you this was not due to my academic prowess but to their learned ability to engage in productive discourse, something that was strikingly absent my other classmates. At Cedarville the Philosophy department, both faculty and students, are responsible for the development and on-going pursuit of critical thought and thoughtful criticism. The ability to engage with those around us in meaningful dialogue (both spoken and otherwise), regardless of who they are, is the precursor to any form of actively living out our faith. To cease to teach this skill is to directly diverge from Cedarville’s stated mission and without it “lifelong service” becomes utterly impossible at best and self-serving at worst.
I respectfully ask that the ramifications of the termination of the Philosophy department be reconsidered. The loss of the program would sacrifice the ability to teach vital skills to the next generation that would in turn have a lasting negative impact on the school, the students, the Church, and society as a whole.

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