My name is Laura Davis Werezak

My name is Laura Davis Werezak

I graduated from Cedarville in 2005 with a double major in English and Spanish. After graduation I taught middle school Spanish through the New York City Teaching Fellows Program and earned an M.A. in Secondary Spanish Education (Lehman College, City University of New York). I continued my education at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, receiving a Master of Christian Studies in Christianity and the Arts. I currently work as a creative writer, an assistant youth minister, a wife and a mother.

I stand in full support of the Cedarville University Philosophy Department and its professors. I am proud of the education that I received at Cedarville, including the Honors Program. It prepared me professionally for study abroad at Oxford University and the University of Seville as well as for graduate education. It prepared me personally for work in the inner-city and for Christian ministry. It formed me into the Christ-follower that I am today. Through the study of Philosophy, Dr. Mills helped me to see how the Word of God answered the questions that would have ended my faith—questions of identity, theology, and ethics. I am confident that if I faced those questions in another environment under professors less committed to Christ, I would have lost my way.

One special gift of the Honors Program was to introduce me to great Christian thinkers throughout the ages, and I am grateful for the witness of the fallible, fallen, redeemed human beings I met. Their example gives me the courage to shine Christ’s light into the dark places of the world today.

I plead with the Board of Trustees to support and celebrate the Philosophy Department. To remove it would permanently destroy the reputation of Cedarville University as a place where students can meet Christ and thoughtfully engage with the issues that face this broken world.

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