My name is Faith Beauchemin

My name is Faith Beauchemin

I graduated from Cedarville University in 2011, with a double major in history and communications and a minor in philosophy. I’m working in real estate research right now, and working on several writing projects on the side which I hope someday may turn into a real career.

I didn’t shy away from taking challenging classes during my time at Cedarville, but the most consistently intellectually challenging classes I took were the classes for my philosophy minor. The critical thought and logic that I learned from Dr. Graves was probably one of the greatest factors in my academic success at Cedarville. Even after I graduated, I find that the ability to reason in a more rigorous fashion has been one of my most valuable take-aways from Cedarville.

That’s one of the reasons this proposed dissolution of the philosophy program saddens me. My time at Cedarville was much more interesting, challenging, and engaging than it otherwise would have been because of the philosophy professors, students, and classes. It isn’t only me; many of my friends had the same benefits from the philosophy program and from the related Honors program. I don’t want the experience of future Cedarville students to be impoverished because of political maneuvering. A Christian University is a place where the most rigorous critical thinking can be coupled with the most passionate faith, to the benefit of both. That’s a powerful combination, especially to young Christian students trying to find their voice in this world. And that combination is exactly what is present in the Cedarville University philosophy program and its inspiring professors, Dr. Graves and Dr. Mills.

Please don’t dissolve the philosophy program, Cedarville. Rather, continue to feed it and allow it to expand if possible. It’s a vital part of the whole Cedarville body and if you cut it, you are only harming yourself.

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