My name is Daniel Stevens

My name is Daniel Stevens

I am a film production designer in Los Angeles. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Electronic Media-Video Production. I strongly object to any measures terminating or reducing the philosophy department or personnel.

I learned a lot about philosophy and the history of thought in the honor’s program and such classes as Postmodernism taught by Dr. Mills’. Learning philosophy was foundational to my education, the work I am engaged in now, and my upcoming graduate education. Living in Los Angeles and working in Hollywood I come across many different worldviews. My ability to effectively engage them is greatly augmented by an understanding of philosophy. The philosophy department at Cedarville rounded out everything else I was learning about worldviews in other classes.

I’ve discovered it takes a lot to create a voice in the film industry. When I have a turn to say something as an artists I want to communicate clearly, effectively, and meaningfully. Without an awareness of what has been said before, where we have been and where we are going, I cannot be a relevant artists. I believe understanding philosophy is a foundational element for anyone entering artistic fields. Whatever our medium, what we communicate is part of a greater philosophical and cultural conversation. Without an understanding of philosophy, artist become the blind leading the blind.

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