My name is Laura Dreyer

My Laura Dreyer

I am a painter and designer in Manhattan; I graduated from Cedarville in 2011. Dr. Shawn Graves, Marlena Graves, and Dr. David Mills were all proactive force in my life to continue to pursue faith when hardest, and to value the art that I was created to do. Dr. Mills was invaluable resource to help me formulate my own thinking on the role of my art and in the greater world for good. His constant generosity to students with his time and ability to genuinely listen I will never forget.
As a female student in Cedarville’s art department of an all-male faculty, Marlena Graves, my RD, was the best female role model that I connected with at Cedarville. Attending Midtown Community Church with both the Graves as well as the Mills in Springfield I saw an example of a woman who is able to embrace and value creative gifts in others and while exercising her own.
All three individuals’ lives are about making time for others and creating safe places for people to come as they are and be loved in the name of Christ. Their sound thinking mixed with unselfish giving is one of the truest pictures I saw of Christ at Cedarville, and I would hate for future students to lose this.

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