My Name is Samantha Barclay

My Name is Samantha Barclay

I am a medical student at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. I graduated from Cedarville in 2012 with a double major in Biology and Molecular & Cellular Biology. I participated in the Honors Program and attended as many philosophy courses as I could. With the Honors Program, I studied abroad twice – in Athens, Greece, and in Strasbourg, France. I can state definitively that my experiences with the philosophy department were indispensable. I vehemently protest the termination of the philosophy department.

Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves exemplified the pursuit of Christ and His Kingdom. They demonstrated that faith and reason are not dichotomous and modeled vibrant and life-giving faith consistently to me. They deeply influenced my understanding of God, and significantly deepened my relationship with Him. Their courses were challenging, convicting, and humbling. Those philosophy courses deepened my appreciation for beauty, intensified my desire for truth and wisdom, and burdened me with a love for my neighbor. I pray that other students will have the opportunity to be as blessed by the philosophy department and their professors

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