My name is Katherine Nelson

My name is Katherine Nelson

I graduated from Cedarville University in 2011 as a Theatre Performance major; I also completed the honors program and studied abroad in Athens, Greece under Dr. Mills. Because of everything I did and learned, I wholeheartedly protest the removal of the philosophy major and program.

Like many who come to Cedarville, I was familiar a lot of the “answers” about Christianity when I arrived. But it was through my philosophy and honors classes — much more than through chapel or the Bible minor — that I learned to think critically and confidently about myself, ethics, academia, and the way those areas intersect and coexist. Dr. Mills and my philosophy courses me challenged me to go beyond comfortable answers and pursue confidence and truth. I cannot count the numerous times I have used what I learned in my philosophy courses since then, or referred back to my texts when I wanted to delve even deeper.

Since graduation, I am grateful to have worked consistently in professional theatre. The foundations and beliefs I developed in my philosophy courses have been crucial as I live a career in the arts, which requires me to consistently examine and emulate humanity, and as I go about my everyday life, interacting with those around me and seeking to live ethically and genuinely. Without the philosophy program, I would not be able to do that. I strongly urge you to realize the vitality of Philosophy to critical thinking and understanding of our humanity, for every field and every student.

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