My name is Jake Miller

My name is Jake Miller

I am currently a Cedarville Junior studying Mechanical Engineering / Pre-dental. I am a Resident Assistant in Lawlor Hall, a varsity athlete, a member of the Honors program, a CU Scholar recipient, and president of Tau Delta Kappa. While many of my courses at Cedarville have been focused on science and engineering, my experience at Cedarville has been deeply influenced by the Philosophy Program, its faculty, and its students.

Science and engineering classes prepare me for success on a technical level, but the broadness of my Cedarville experience is what has made me confident that I can succeed in a Christ-centered life. What if I had not been challenged by the Honor’s program to think about more than forces and accelerations on objects? What if my roommate had not become a philosophy major and challenged me alongside him as he struggled through doubts? What if I hadn’t had the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. David Mills during some of the most growing years of my life? Without these stimuli I’m sure I would still graduate as a competent engineer, but I would certainly have missed the mark of the Cedarville Mission Statement. The effects of the Philosophy program and other influences prepared me for not only technical challenges, but for “lifelong leadership and service through an education marked by excellence and grounded in biblical truth”. If we take seriously the goals to think broadly and deeply, communicate effectively, and engage for Christ in this world as the Cedarville website states, we need this program at our school.

I fear that future Cedarville Students will not have the influences of the Philosophy program and its professors. Please reconsider the abandonment of the program.

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