My name is Heidi Johnson

My name is Heidi Johnson

I am a junior psychology major. I took an intro to philosophy course my freshman year and I have to admit that it was one of the most eye opening and meaningful classes I have ever had the privilege of taking. Dr Graves stood by us as we wrestled through difficult conversations on the importance of studying philosophy, how Christians should view philosophy as well as what our duties are as Christians. I have never been more challenged in my faith and I believe that this class caused me to grow in tremendous amounts. It was such a blessing. I whole-heartedly protest the removal of the philosophy department as well as the professors who teach in the department.
One thing that I particularly took away from the class concerned inquiry. The nature of inquiry is either pseudo or genuine. Pseudo inquiry is not concerned with discovering truth, but makes a case for some proposition determined in advance. Genuine inquiry is motivated to seek out all the evidence there is and genuine inquirers are willing to allow conclusions and findings to change their beliefs or the degree of their beliefs. Genuine inquiry often leads to revision of beliefs, but may also just continue to affirm truths that have already been accepted. As Christian philosophers, or even as an atheist philosopher, we must not check our faiths at the door. Instead we just have to be willing to revise our beliefs despite the convictions that we have held on to. Upon extensive pursuit of truth, we must be willing to accept that truth and allow it to change us and shape our beliefs.
Dr Graves represented truth to our class. He taught us to seek out truth and he taught that we would find that in the Bible. His faith is incredible and I have so much respect for him. Listening to him pray was the most genuine, incredible experience. Dr. Graves is an incredible man of God, willing to challenge his students with difficult subjects. I pray that the philosophy courses at Cedarville continue, as well as the roles that Dr Graves and Dr Mills are playing in the department. I also pray that those who have the power to cut the program would see that philosophy is not something that Christians should be scared of, but something to embrace. When we stop asking questions, we stop seeking the truth. We are called to seek out truth, not just take everything we hear and believe it. Philosophy encourages the seeking of truth and thus we must continue to seek out truth, through the study of philosophy at Cedarville University.

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