My Name is Christie Cade

My Name is Christie Cade

I graduated from Cedarville in 2005 with a B.S. in chemistry. I did ERAP for a year after that, teaching English and Chemistry at a Chinese high school in Beijing. I then got my M.S in chemistry at North Carolina State University and am nearly finished with my PhD in biochemistry at NCSU. Additionally, I am married and have a ten-month-old son.

While at Cedarville I was a part of the Honors Program and one of the leaders of the Tau Delta Kappa honors student organization. My best friends and best memories at Cedarville are from being a part of that program. Wrestling with thoughts and issues bonded us together in a way that would not have happened otherwise. I feel like my Cedarville experience would be much more empty without being encouraged to think about the deep issues brought up in the philosophy portions of my Honors classes by professors such as Dr. David Mills. In fact, although I enjoyed the Honors seminars I took, I wish I had taken more with Dr. Mills.

Having an exposure to philosophy has better equipped me to engage in meaningful dialogue with my colleagues, most of whom are atheists. Obviously for me a big issue as a scientist is the origins debate, but my coworkers bring other ideas up at work based on the news, the internet, things that are happening in their life, etc. I am able to think critically about these ideas and face them head-on. If it were the first time I was exposed to ideologies other than my own, I would be in a lot bigger trouble. I am glad that other ways of thinking were not purposefully hidden from me, as I am afraid is starting to happen at Cedarville. Purposeful ignorance has no place in an institution of higher learning–Christian or otherwise. Please support the philosophy program at Cedarville.

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