My name is Scott Cameron

My name is Scott Cameron

I am a 2001 Cedarville grad who majored in Philosophy. I am currently a carpenter, though I have a Master of Divinity degree and am in the process of being ordained at my church.

I am deeply saddened by this news. If it were not for the philosophy program at Cedarville there is a slim chance that I would even be following Christ today. Without question, the most valuable thing that I have ever learned in school is to approach life with an attitude of “faith seeking understanding.” We all have important questions about life, about faith, about God. Professors David Mills and Walter Schultz taught us that we should approach these questions from a posture of faith and from there to seek understanding. This was first articulated by Augustine and was a major plank in my philosophical education at Cedarville. Without this attitude, questions lead to bitterness, shallowness and inauthenticity – all things which kill any witness to Christ and his love. But with this attitude, questions promote love; they lead to loving God with our minds, which is nothing less than part of the greatest commandment. Through the philosophy program at Cedarville, I learned that God was not threatened by my questions or my doubts or my fears, but that he welcomed all of me. With that foundation I have had a deep and life-giving relationship with God ever since. Without it, I haven’t the slightest idea where I would be. Cedarville attracts bright students, typically from conservative Baptist backgrounds. Unfortunately this background is often anti-intellectual and discourages a thoughtful faith and even critical thinking in general. The philosophy program at Cedarville has been an antidote to this upbringing for thousands of students. Cedarville needs this. I needed this. The world needs this. I humbly pray you reconsider.


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