My name is Naomi Washatka

My name is Naomi Washatka

I currently serve with international Justice Mission in Washington, DC. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Global Economics.

I am deeply saddened to hear of the potential end to the philosophy department and am ardently opposed to its closure, the dismissal of its professors and the termination of classes offering a rich and diverse education. As a graduate of the business department, I was grateful to have the option of taking philosophy classes to help me think outside the confines of economic and political systems. Not only was I able to have healthy and vibrant discourse of students from different majors, but under the guidance of Drs. Mills and Graves, I came to an understanding that defining myself as simply a “business person” meant little if I did nothing to challenge the nature of commerce and consumerism. It was in these classes where I learned to define my beliefs as Jesus did, apart from a political or economic system and ideal.

More than that, though, Cedarville University’s philosophy department specifically helped me integrate all that I was learning at the university. From my international affairs and rhetoric classes, to Chapel and student life, learning how to think about and digest what I was taking in changed the way I approached my studies. As I saw my education more holistically, I brought a more comprehensive and holistic view to each class and lecture. Philosophy classes are designed to teach students how to think about their world–whatever it is they are experiencing–and to use Jesus and the Bible to help make it all make sense. And now, serving in an international development organization, I view our staff and work and long-term goals with more of a holistic and discerning view because of the questions I learned to ask during my undergrad philosophy classes.

The dismissal of the philosophy program will do nothing but hinder the critical thought development of students. May we choose to seek knowledge and truth, delighting in the discovery of answers that will lead us to a deeper understanding of and dedication to Christ.


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