My name is Kristen (Recupero) Miller

My name is Kristen (Recupero) Miller

I am a 2010 graduate with a degree in English, and I currently work as a technical writer for a company that develops medical software. I am against the removal of the Philosophy program because, although I never took a philosophy class, the discussions I had with many who did were invaluable to the development of my faith in God and my understanding of culture. Many students who have graduated from this program or benefited from it by taking classes have gone on to contribute to Christian intellectual thought in ways that have shaped a more relevant Christian community than we’ve seen in a very long time. If Christian colleges are not leading the way in preserving the interaction of the humanities with Christianity and culture at large, if Cedarville is not leading the way, then who will? I beg you to consider the value of the Philosophy program in a world that is becoming increasingly focused on greed and less focused on humanity at large.


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