My name is Jim McBrayer

My name is Jim McBrayer

The word “philosophy” comes from two greek words that literally mean “love of wisdom.” If education means anything it surely means the acquisition and love of wisdom. Sadly, too many people seek a college education for “practical purposes”, to get a good job, make a lot of money, etc. But the real purpose of an education ought to be to gain wisdom; to know truth. Philosophy does just that. It gives a person perspective. It allows one to examine mankind’s deepest questions, who are we, what are we, how should we live, does God exist and what is His nature, what is our purpose? Philosophy teaches one to examine different answers to these questions and beckons the student to search deeper and examine things more carefully. How else does one seek the God Whom christians claim as The Truth? To ignore philosophy is to ignore what it means to be human. As a final note, I want to add that I have personally witnessed a profound depth of understanding and moral character develop in one of your former students, and it was in large part due to the education in philosophy that he received at Cedarville from a certain Dr. Graves. Please reconsider before you make a tragic mistake.


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