My name is Drew Armstrong

My name is Drew Armstrong

I am an 07 graduate of CU and majored in Pre-Seminary Bible with a minor in Philosophy and Greek. The Philosophy courses that I took while at Cedarville were among the most formative in my academic career. I have since received a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary with and emphasis in Philosophy and Systematic Theology. I currently teach History, Theology, and Philosophy at a Classical School in Dallas. My greatest passion in my life and my occupation as a teacher is to aide believers in thinking well about God, His work, His word, and His world. Philosophy is an integral instrument toward that end.

Without the Philosophy department at CU, Cedarville would almost inevitably become intractably hamstrung in their efforts to be a truly “Christ-centered learning community.” Obscurantism represents a regression in the history of conservative evangelical Christianity, a regression which must be avoided at all costs. If Philosophy is rooted in the love of wisdom then may we be ever reminded that the fear of the Lord is that wisdom’s beginning. The Christian is called to be more than a philosopher, but he/she must never be less.


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