My name is David Sizemore

My name is David Sizemore

I’m a graphic designer living Atlanta, Georgia, and I graduated from Cedarville in 2008 with a minor in Philosophy.

I was, at best, a mediocre philosophy student. My much more capable classmates, like Dennis Lunt (link: ), are more qualified to speak about the program’s academic excellence. I argue for the Philosophy program not from a position of mental prowess, but from a position of bumbling gratitude.

Several professors from the Philosophy program, along with professors from the Bible, English, Music, and Science departments, were instrumental in spiritually nurturing me during my time at Cedarville. They lived their lives with meekness, love, joy, heartache, and humility, together in a small church community with me, my future wife, and other students from our university. They quite literally taught me how to live my life as a Christian. I wish that every 19-year-old, evangelically-raised person in the United States had the opportunity to study under and live with these Cedarville professors. They would graduate from the experience as better persons, as more certain Believers.

The Philosophy program is important. It is an integral part of Cedarville’s liberal arts education, working in tandem with the Bible, English, Music, and Science departments to create well-rounded Christian human beings. Please do not take these opportunities away from future Cedarville University students.


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