My name is Danny Johnson

My name is Danny Johnson

I graduated from Cedarville University in 2010 with B.A. in Accounting and completed the Honors Program. I am currently an Audit team leader for a Certified Public Accounting firm in Florida. During my time at Cedarville, I was privileged to be involved in a number of campus organizations, including Alpha Sigma (the Philosophy Org) as Co-President for one year.

In my freshman year, I was seriously considering the possibility of transferring to an institution back home in Texas. The main reason I reconsidered this was my daily interactions with Dr. Mills and the students in the honors and philosophy programs. While my business classes gave me the tools to properly calculate interest rates and understand different elements of a contract, my philosophy classes helped me understand the interdependencies between the financial, commercial, ethical and social spheres and how a Christian can interact and be “salt and light” in that space. Dr. Mills played a critical role in integrating my field of study, my intellect and most importantly my faith in Christ; he helped me helped me to ask important questions about the nature of my work and apply a spirit of discernment to my work today.

I believe that the removal of the philosophy program and the professors involved in it would be a grave disservice to the cause of a Christian institution of higher learning. Countless colleges and universities already produce technically competent nurses, engineers, teachers, etc. who don’t necessarily consider the wider implications of their vocations. As Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. (brother of Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga) notes in his book “Engaging God’s World” – “… thinking of college as no more than job training is a narrow-minded impoverishment of the kingdom of God.” The work of Drs. Mills, Graves and the philosophy program is critical in shaping holistic, articulate and critically-thinking Christian persons to go about doing God’s work in our world.


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