My name is Alexa Winik

My name is Alexa Winik

I graduated from Cedarville in 2012 with a B.A. in English and am seeking to pursue literary studies at the graduate level. I strongly protest the termination of Cedarville’s philosophy program.

The philosophy department enhanced, if indirectly, my Cedarville experience as a student of the humanities. While I never attended philosophy classes, the department’s excellent faculty and thoughtful students played an irreplaceable role in cultivating a rigorous learning community within the humanities department. One of the many transformative lessons I learned as a student of this community is that the pursuit of Christ-likeness and the pursuit of higher academia are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, my degree in the humanities equipped me with the skills to critically engage ethics, culture, religion, and power structures. These skills still inform my daily “post-Cedarville” decisions and responses to the people within my sphere of influence and the world at large.

Therefore, I must protest to any motion from the administration that jeopardizes Cedarville’s humanities department. I fear cutting the philosophy department heralds only the sad beginning of the end of liberal arts education at Cedarville. In a society that has increasingly commodified the “value” of education, I believe that fostering holistic, personal development in students through high-achieving humanities programs stands as one of the most fundamental ways Christian universities can act counter-culturally for the benefit of others. Whether one agrees with that statement or not, the underlying fact remains that Cedarville should not terminate the philosophy program that encourages so intrinsically what Cedarville claims to be in its own mission statement: “a Christ-centered learning community.”


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