Our Protest: Why we need the Cedarville Philosophy Program and its Professors

Dear Friends,
It has just come to the attention of current students and alumni of Cedarville University that a recommendation has been made to the board of trustees that, upon approval, will result in the removal of the Philosophy program and perhaps even the professors who have invested their lives into creating a community of philosophical thought.
This blog is a form of protest intended to foster unified, credible, and honest dissent. It is our hope that we will soon see not only the rejection of this recommendation, but also the recognition and celebration of the professors who have invested their time into making this program into what it is. This is a call for those who have a direct connection to Philosophy at Cedarville, those who may be indirectly connected to Cedarville’s professors or alumni, or those with no connection but the will to promote philosophy, quality education, institutional transparency, or something else. Rather than stating our own reasons why we think the philosophy program and its professors should remain, we ask that each individual post their own personal reason and thoughts. In an effort to act according to the principles of unity, credibility, and honesty, we ask that you email a picture of yourself, your name, who you are (professional affiliation, chosen path of life), and why you specifically protest the removal of this program and its professors to:   indefenseofphilosophy@gmail.com

We hope this will be a space that reflects a beautiful and strong unity through our diversity and brings about radical changes for those who need it.
On behalf of those of us who care,
Thank You.


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