My name is Tim Williams

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I am a Bioregional Planner in Colorado and alumnus of Cedarville University. I graduated with a Philosophy degree that my parents thought was a waste of money. The program and my degree have proven invaluable to me. I have used the critical thinking skills that I initially acquired at Cedarville to engage meaningfully and ethically with representatives of widely disparate perspectives on multi-lateral environmental conflicts. Those same skills informed my work as an Arabic linguist in the US Army and also as an Intelligence Analyst during the war in Kosovo. More importantly, the education in Philosophy that I received at Cedarville provided me with the tools I needed to shape my beliefs about God, the universe and my role in it. I was fortunate enough to have studied under Dr. David Mills who famously never revealed what he thought about anything (other than cat art). The Philosophy program should be the center of any Christian education as it seeks to teach students how to think, not what to think. It prepares them for the future challenges to their beliefs, their ethics, their morals, and their politics that will be unavoidable once they graduate and enter the real world. Philosophy students sharpen everyone around them and rouse their peers from other discplines to higher levels of intellectual acumen. They challenge their friends to develop their raw doctrines, mythologies, traditions, and emotions into rational thoughts, belief systems, world and life views and eventually convictions. The loss of the Philosophy program at Cedarville University would constitute a grave disservice to the burgeoning minds that Cedarville seeks to educate.


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