My name is Rebekah Jones

My name is Rebekah Jones

I am a 2011 Environmental Science graduate of Cedarville. I also received minors in history and philosophy/religion in addition to the bible minor. By far and away the most valued of the three minors is philosophy. I was privileged to be under the teaching of Dr Shawn Graves for several classes. Prior to my taking these classes, specifically about a year before, I begun to have doubts about my faith and christianity. The only way I started to come back to christianity was because of a philosophy book I read and I knew then that I had to learn more. So my senior year, much to the perplexity of my parents and adviser I took three classes, all from Dr Graves. I learned a great deal in those classes; both on critical thinking, writing, and logic as well as the various issues we discussed.
Until this past year I had almost always thought that regardless of any small disagreements I may have with the University that we still both cherished critical thinking and academic excellence in addition to Christ as our guide. Clearly academic excellence and critical thinking are not something we share anymore. I hope this changes. I enjoyed my time at Cedarville and it was a time of growth in many areas. However, if the Philosophy Department is dissolved I don’t think I can say that future students will benefit the way I did.


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