My name is Rebecka Neyman

My name is Rebecka Neyman

I will be graduating from law school in May of 2013. I graduated from Cedarville with a Bachelors degree in Pre-Law and Political Science in 2010.

I have always treasured the time I spent at Cedarville, as well as the high-quality education I received there. I have viewed it as my second home, the place where I developed many lifelong friendships and grew the most in my spiritual walk. So it concerns to me to read about and hear such news from my alma mater – disturbing questions raised regarding the suspicious resignation of well-respected faculty and staff, followed by the announcement that the Philosophy program is to be discontinued.

Philosophy is an important major. I’ve always said that if I could do it over again, I would have majored in Philosophy, as I believe it would have far better prepared me for the nature and rigor of legal studies. And I remember some of the best classes I took while at CU were Philosophy and Logic with Dr. Graves. Those classes taught me how to reason effectively, as well as how to respond to and evaluate arguments. These are obviously critical skills for my profession. Moreover, the philosophy classes I took taught me to think critically about my own faith, as well as different worldviews, so that I could better understand and evaluate them properly.

I am quite frankly horrified at some of the recent developments at my alma mater, this one in particular. I, along with many students and alumni who are devoted to this institution and many of its faculty/staff, deserve an explanation. What are the reasons behind these sudden decisions? I firmly protest the removal of the Cedarville Philosophy program and/or it’s professors and sincerely pray that the Board of Trustees rescinds this decision.


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