My name is Matthew Eric Nelson

My name is Matthew Eric Nelson

I am the Chair of the Theology Department at the Woodside Priory School, a boarding school adjacent to Stanford, and I just started a D.Min. program at San Francisco Theological Seminary. After graduating Cedarville in 2003, I went on to earn my M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School concentrating in moral theology, comparative religion, and religion in public life.

I stand in solidarity with those here against the rash initiative to eliminate the Philosophy Department at Cedarville. I can testify that, as a double major in Pre-seminary Bible and Communication Arts, it was Dr. Mills within the Bible Department and many of the Comm. Arts professors who taught me to love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. I learned, through them, that one could be faithful to Gospel values and the witness of Jesus through incisive analysis, questioning, doubt, and discursive/dialogical explorations of truth rather than top-down impositions of dogma. I can call to mind many one-on-one conversations in Chuck’s with Dr. Mills about theology, Postmodernism, service to the poor and community, and the changing face of Christianity. He is a professor controlled only by the autonomy of the mind under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the community of the faithful endeavoring to build the Kingdom of God. The Philosophy Department must not only stand, but grow under his leadership. No institution of higher learning can claim critical thinking as a learning outcome, and denigrate, dissolve, or even distrust their Philosophy department. This is an abominable development, and I look forward to a reversal of course immediately.


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