My name is Jonathan Demers

My name is Jonathan Demers

I am a Dean’s Scholar at Wayne State Law School, former Teach for America Corps Member, and Cedarville University Honors Program alum. I adamantly protest the dissolution of Cedarville’s philosophy program and any faculty associated.

Under the training of Drs. Mills and Graves, I gained invaluable skills that have informed my decision to teach in the inner-city of Detroit, to partner with an incarnational church body, to move my family into a forgotten east-side neighborhood, and to dedicate our lives to seeing the holistic renewal of my neighborhood in the years to come. Decisions like these are the very reasons that nearly every leading Christian institution maintains a philosophy department: philosophy demands the critical thinking necessary to pursue the faithful Christian life.

I am one of countless students that can point to Cedarville’s philosophy coursework as the catalyst to our academic development. In that vein, I simply ask that the institution not allow aggressive financial cuts to consume a department so fundamental to Cedarville’s academic integrity.


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