My name is Jon Ashley

My name is Jon Ashley

I’m a 2012 Cedarville graduate currently serving in student ministries at Riverwood Community Chapel in Kent, Ohio and pursuing a Masters in Christian Studies through Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I protest the removal of the philosophy program at Cedarville because of the profound impact the professors in the department had on my life during my years at the school, and because without the philosophy classes I took, I would likely not be a follower of Jesus today.
When I arrived at Cedarville, in many ways I was burned out in my faith. I had questions to which there seemed no answers, or at least no good answers. Over my year in MOMM, I was challenged to think and live in new and good ways, ways that brought new life to my dying faith. I found a faith that lives and breathes and makes sense. Dr. Mills and the MOMM course provided the framework and the questions with which I needed to wrestle, and my faith is stronger for it.
Robust Christian faith – the kind I discovered through my time with Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves -needs a thorough philosophical grounding. Biblical studies at Cedarville will be incomplete without it, and that is why I am protesting the end of the philosophy program a Cedarville.

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