My name is David Moser

My name is David Moser

I’m presently pursuing an M.Div at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, anticipating doctoral studies in systematic theology upon graduation for the purpose of a teaching ministry. I’m a 2011 graduate of Cedarville University’s preseminary Bible program, during which I also participated in the honors program and minored in philosophy. I protest the removal of the philosophy department from Cedarville because philosophy is absolutely essential to the perennial task of doing theology for the church. Philosophy elucidates conceptual confusions within theology and provides a means by which theologians, pastors, and Christians can speak well of God by the overcoming of those confusions. Furthermore, philosophy trains Christians to think well and to speak well of God in relation to the revelation we have received in Scripture. To eschew philosophy by dismissing this department is to deny the rigorous conceptual training that should be required of all pastors and lay-leaders that Cedarville seeks to train in the “Department of Biblical and Ministry Studies.” We need church leaders to graduate from Cedarville who can think clearly, logically, shaped by the Scriptures, and, as Dr. Mills and Dr. Graves both taught me so well, charitably and thoroughly interacting with opposing points of view.


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