My name is Ariana Cheng

My name is Ariana Cheng

I am currently a sophomore at Cedarville, majoring in International Studies (Social Science) with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language.
As a person who deeply respects the school and the quality of education I have received from Cedarville, I vehemently protest the removal of the philosophy program. I believe the critical thinking skills developed by the study of philosophy are absolutely essential for a Christ follower to develop a correct worldview. Cedarville is a school that takes pride in the fact that the students are able to receive a Christ-centered, liberal arts education. The removal of philosophy, in my opinion, would be of great detriment to the values that the university stands for, and would also downgrade the quality of education provided at the university. Philosophy pushes people to be able to articulate why they believe what they believe. It pushes people to think about the hard questions in life. These things, in the long run, develop us as Christ followers, and encourage us to truly understand our faiths. Theology and philosophy are interlinked, and philosophy is not only the foundation of our Christian education, it is the foundation to whatever path any of us students feel called to. Cedarville is vocal about wanting to produce students of integrity, and I believe that is of utmost importance. Therefore, if that is true, why would the school consider removing a field of study so vital to any life path? As an evangelical, I want to make my worldview conform more and more to the will of the Father. I believe that morality and ethics, and other issues addressed in the philosophical field will help me understand God in a deeper way, and this is empirically proven. Understanding philosophy has already and continues to grow my relationship with Christ. If Cedarville wants to continue producing graduates that are well-rounded, stand strong in their faith, and can think for themselves, then they must not remove the Philosophy major.


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