My name is Abel Sutherland

My name is Abel Sutherland

I am a Junior Youth Ministry Major at Cedarville. Philosophy was the first classes that I was forced to think on my own. It was the one class the the professor never told us what his opinion was, but forced us to do the work to make a rational argument for our own. One professor here once declared in his defense of apologetics that “God is a rational God” and our faith can be defended in rational thought and discussion. but if we cease to be encouraged to think critically about our faith and take it blindly we will become like “children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine.” I never want to be spoon fed what to think, but to continually be challenged to grow in my critical thinking. Paul encouraged the believers in Berea because after receiving His message they went to the ultimate source of truth to check what he had said. Philosophy at Cedarville taught me the necessity, and what it looks like to pursue truth in scriptures, in my faith, and in the world God has placed me. Please do not discontinue a program that emphasizes the search for truth in ration thinking.


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